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Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is not affiliated with, nor does it endorse or sponsor, the contents of this webpage or the TermLifeInsuranceQuotes.com website.

Liberty Mutual was founded in 1912. Ever since then, they have sought to provide comprehensive, practical and affordable insurance to their customers. They are committed to keeping up with their customer's needs through different times, different eras, and different ways of life. One of the largest insurance companies in the United States, Liberty Mutual offers auto insurance, property insurance, Liberty Mutual term life insurance, commercial insurance and more. A Fortune 100 company, Liberty Mutual employs more than 45,000 people world-wide. They are now the fifth largest P&C company in the United States, and the company consistently earns A.M. Best Co.'s Excellent rating.

The company is also committed to what it calls the Customer Choice Model, which allows customers to interact with the company in numerous ways. Customers are able to do business how and when it is comfortable for them. Liberty Mutual allows customers to choose to do business through the call center, website, and/or an agent or broker. They also have a network of regional independent agent companies through which they do business.

Within the Liberty Mutual term life insurance program, customers pay the same rate throughout the length of their term. Their Passport 10 coverage lasts for ten years; the Passport 20 has a term of twenty years; the Passport 30 a length of thirty years. Liberty Mutual also offers special features in its term life insurance program. For example, for a limited time during your policy, you may convert to any permanent policy in Liberty Mutual's portfolio. Customers can do so with or without having proof of insurability, which is especially important to customers who may be concerned about a medical exam. Moreover, if you convert within the first five years of your policy, you may be eligible for credit toward the cost of the first year of your new insurance policy. Customers can also tailor their coverage by adding on certain riders or benefits as they choose. Finally, every policy has Liberty's Living Benefit included. This program allows a customer to receive up to 90% of his or her death benefit early if the customer becomes chronically or terminally ill.

Though Liberty Mutual does not often advertise or have a big marketing campaign, they are still a well-known insurance company in America. Their wide-range of insurance, quality customer service, and unique coverage features all contribute to their outstanding and lasting success. A top choice for both individuals and businesses, Liberty Mutual is a premium insurance company.

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