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Shelter Life Insurance Company

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In 1914, seven farmers from Missouri began the story of the Shelter Life Insurance Company. Originally, they came together to find lower prices for bulk goods they all needed, but within three years joined with other similar groups to create the Missouri Farmers Association. As with so many other farmers groups, the MFA proved exceptionally gifted at acquiring the goods it needed, and turned its attention to other ways that it could aid its members. In 1946, the MFA used $100,000 to sponsor the start of the MFA Mutual Insurance Company, which was to provide affordable and reliable insurance to farmers and their families. Before seven years had passed, MFA Mutual was the largest casualty insurance company in the state. Though they did not know it, this group of farmers had laid the foundation for one of the largest and most prosperous insurance companies in the United States.

Between 1954 and 1957, the company saw massive expansion and created a new subsidiary, Countryside Casualty Insurance Company, to handle higher-risk clients and their needs. In 1959, the company seized the opportunity to add the strength of the growing life insurance field to their arsenal, and created the MFA Life Insurance Company, and the precursor of the Shelter term life insurance policy. This allowed MFA agents to sell almost any type of insurance product a customer could want. This branching out led to a period of unrestrained growth in the 1960s, and the company expanded outside of Missouri to Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, and Oklahoma. By the early 1970s, the company had adopted the slogan "If it has anything to do with insurance, we do it better," and the leaders of the company were responsible for the management of the national two largest industry organizations.

In 1981, the Shelter Insurance Company was created as a separate and distinct entity from the MFA. The old MFA shield design was replaced with the newly-designed "Shield of Shelter" and the company heavily promoted its new Shelter name and logo. By 1986, the company had gone international, and by 1989 had cracked the top 100 insurers in America, with assets over 1.5 billion dollars and over 7 billion dollars of life insurance in force.

The 1990s and early part of the 2000s saw the golden anniversary of the company, along with the milestone of having over 1 million auto policies in force. The Shelter term life insurance policy remained at the core of the business, however, and in 2008 Shelter life was ranked among the top 50 performers in the United States.

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